Residential Buildings

Residential Buildings

Marina's Residential Buildings

You can enjoy luxury resort living lifestyle at this world-class development that offers you the comfort of residential buildings along with various serviced amenities. Here life will be great, where you can truly see the world of your own lifestyle unrivaled by the stunning and uninterrupted views of the ocean on one side and the breath-taking Barka Marina Lifestyle Destination.

Key Highlights

6 high-end designed residential blocks
144 nos 2 Bedroom Apartments
144 nos 1 Bedroom Apartments
70 nos Studios
3 km beach walk
Leisure designed all-day dining facilities, cafes and restaurants
Yacht Marina (100 Berths)
Breath-taking views of the ocean
Offering luxury-designed 2 bedroom, 1 bedroom, studios, hotel and serviced apartments

Feature & Amenities

Swimming Pools
Kids Play Areas
Kids Pool
Restaurants and Cafes
Gardens and Parks
High-speed panoramic elevators
Spa and Wellness Center
Beach Lounge and Cafe
Pool Bar
All Day Dining & Leisure facilities
Yachts Marina